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Show 23 - April 18,二千零一十九 Listen To The Podcast


Niall Claffey visits betway客户端dairy farmer Hughie Egan - who's milking 85 Kiwi-cross cows under a spring-calving system in Doon Co.奥法利-讨论他2019年繁殖季节的计划。

Plus,with just shy of 50,000 online applications already submitted for the 2019 Basic Payment Scheme,农业部官员BrianAlcock谈到了农业部在全国范围内开设在线诊所的倡议。

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Episode 22 - April 11,二千零一十九

在本周的《农田》中,Macra na Feirme national president elect Thomas Duffy gives his first official sit-down interview since landing top office.

IFA national treasurer Tim Cullinan talks pig prices,changing consumer trends and his ambitions for the presidency of the country's largest farming organisation.

Plus,ICSA sheep chairman Sean McNamara reflects on a devastating dog attack at his sheep farm in Co.Westmeath last year.

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Episode 21 - April 4,二千零一十九

在本周的《农田》中,帕特·史密斯,微型可再生能源联合会主席,outlines the potential for solar PV generation on Irish farms.

The ICSA's Eddie Punch talks beef prices,鲜活的出口产品以及从牛犊到牛肉生产的可能性。betway客户端

The IFA's Thomas Cooney reacts to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Climate Action's latest report.

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Episode 20 - March 28,二千零一十九

在本周的《农田》中,the Minister for Agriculture,Food and the Marine,Michael Creed,addresses farmer demands for clarity on emergency support aid for the beef sector if a crash-out Brexit unfolds over the coming weeks.

And what opportunities can farm diversification offer to boost farm incomes?能源和农村发展专家巴里·卡斯林(Barry Caslin Teagasc)概述了这些可能性,pitfalls and considerations that farmers should take on board.

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Episode 19 - March 21,二千零一十九

在本周的《农田》中,Bord Bia's sector manager for beef and livestock Joe Burke discusses current progress with calf exports.

Meanwhile,FTMTA CEO Gary Ryan will focus on the sale of new 体育betway客户端tractors in Ireland to date this year.

如何处理奶牛场的跛脚问题也将由Waterford Vet ger Cusack负责,betway客户端我们参观了一家奶牛场,该农场最近安装了一些措施来减少这一问题。

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在本周的《农田》中,AgriLand's Siobhan Walsh discusses the key challenges facing malting barley growers.


Meanwhile,Teagasc Gerry Boyle技术总监,teaching and how these are combined in training the farmers and agri leaders of tomorrow.

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Episode 17 - March 7,二千零一十九

在本周的《农田》中,MEP Mairead McGuinness discusses the likelihood of chlorothalonil facing a ban.

俄罗斯石油公司(Roscommon Galway)的独立董事迈克尔•菲茨默里(Michael Fitzmaurice)谈到了脱欧,农业组织和今天爱尔兰农业面临的挑战。

最后,Padraig Madden from FRS covers labour on betway客户端dairy farms as calving season continues.

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当我们准备将2018年抛在脑后时,tonight on FarmLand in Review we will look back at some of the biggest issues that farmers battled on the ground over the last 12 months.

从多个极端天气事件的跨部门影响来看,牛肉价格低,the Lakeland/LacPatrick merger,Brexit fears,and many farmer-led protests,农田将反映出今年的主要谈话要点。

有来自全国各地的报道,this special Christmas edition lets farmers do all the talking.

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Episode 15 - December 13,2018

在本周的《农田》中,农业部长,Food and the Marine Michael Creed explains the latest developments on Brexit and what his department is doing to prepare for a no-deal scenario.He also reflects on what has been a tough year for farmers in 2018.


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Episode 14 - December 6,2018

在本周的《农田》中,Ian Kilgallon of Gas Networks Ireland highlights the opportunities available for anaerobic digestion in Ireland,as well as the GRAZE Gas project in Mitchelstown,Co.Cork。

Aurivo CEO Aaron Forde offered insight into the co-op's performance this year,milk price in 2019 and the launch of

Plus,ICSA sheep chairperson John Brooks calls out the faults with unverified elements of Sheep Ireland's star ratings system and the implications of these.

Farmers in Dowra Mart,Co.Cavan,also gave their views on Sheep Ireland and the star rating system.

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This week on FarmLand,Joe Burke senior manager of meat and livestock at Bord Bia will talk in detail about Ireland's live cattle export trade – with a particular focus on 2018 market trends and potential destinations for 2019.
Burke will also offer his outlook on beef price for the Christmas market.

Plus,Grace Maher of the Irish Organic Association will give her response to the re-opening of the Department of Agriculture,Food and the Marine's Organic Farming Scheme.

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Episode 12 - November 22,2018

This week on FarmLand,independent senator Ian Marshall urges the Democratic Unionist Party to row in behind the draft Brexit withdrawal agreement for the sake of farmers and agri-businesses in Northern Ireland.

As fears over the future of the beef sector in Ireland continue to escalate,Cormac Healy,the director of Meat Industry Ireland addresses price concerns.

Plus,Eamon Corley,co-founder of the newly-formed Beef Plan Group 2018-2015,reveals that the farmer-led entity has yielded more than 6,500 members in just six weeks.

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Episode 11 - November 15,2018

Tonight on FarmLand,商人彼得·凯西在上个月的总统选举中获得了五分之一选民的支持,他将概述他代表爱尔兰农村人民的政治野心。

Richard Kennedy,the deputy president of the IFA,calls for changes to be made to the country's trespassing and bail laws in order to protect farm families from criminal gangs.


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Tonight on FarmLand,Michael Hanley CEO of Lakeland Dairies will outline his ambitions for the future of the Lakeland/LacPatrick merger.

Eimear McGuinness,多尼加尔合作牲畜市场总经理,and Ray Doyle,livestock service executive at Irish Co-Operative Organisation Society,将把他们的担忧归咎于“暴涨”的超市保险上涨。

Plus,皮尔斯·凯利,Teagasc的Drystock知识转让主管,will discuss the launch of phase two of the Teagasc Green Acres Calf to Beef Programme.

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Episode 9 - November 1,2018

Independent TD Michael Fitzmaurice and Green Party leader,伊蒙·瑞安,迎头赶上,实现可再生能源和碳排放目标。
气候学家,Prof.John Sweeney,警告说,生物质生产只是一个“短期”解决方案,博德纳莫纳的发电厂的挑战。
汤姆·奥德怀尔,the head of betway客户端Dairy Knowledge Transfer at Teagasc Moorepark,offers advice on how to get the best results at dry-off.

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在本周的《农田》中,Fianna Fail's Barry Cowen voices "serious concerns" over the impact of Bord na Mona's unexpected decision to completely stop peat harvesting by 2025.
Teagasc专家Shay Phelan回顾了马铃薯种植者“艰难的一年”,而SiobhanWalsh在2018年收获季节从Keogh在North Co.的农场获得了最低点。Dublin.

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Episode 7 - October 18,2018

在本周的《农田》中,博士。Eoin Ryan,农业部高级兽医检查员,and Frank Brady,国际农业联合会摩纳哥县主席,讨论牛结核病问题,while Teagasc cattle specialist Karen Dukelow and ICMSA deputy president Lorcan McCabe outline the current fodder situation around the country.

Manager of the Burren Programme Dr.布伦丹·邓福德也将在摄影棚谈论这个独特地区的进展,以及即将到来的伯伦冬日周末。

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Episode 6 - October 11,2018

在本周的《农田》中,chairman of the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Agriculture,食品与海洋帕特·迪林和爱尔兰牛羊农场主协会(ICSA)总秘书长埃迪·潘奇讨论了2019年预算对爱尔兰农民的影响,并研究了新宣布的牛肉环境效率试点(BEEP)。designed to aid suckler farmers.
Former Irish Farmers' Association (IFA) president Eddie Downey also joins us to explain why the IFA needs to be reformed - and who he believes are the "key pins" of the organisation.

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Episode 5 - October 4,2018

在本周的《农田》中,农业部长,Food and the Marine Michael Creed gives us the inside track on what happened at the 12th Beef Roundtable discussion,as farmers flocked to the city streets in protest.

Eamon Corley,新成立的牛肉计划小组的主席和发言人,outlines why he believes farmers have "lost confidence" in farm unions and highlights how this new group aims to shake-up the beef industry.

Des Morrison,ICMSA livestock chair and Michael Fitzmaurice,Roscommon Galway的独立TD,在一场关于合约培育的潜在性的辩论中直面,以提高旱地和奶农的收入和效率。betway客户端

We get the word on the street from farmers that boycotted this week's Beef Forum;plus,Kieran Henry,a Sligo-based suckler farmer and contract rearer,解释了他的企业多元化如何使其从一个强项变为另一个强项。

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Episode 4 - September 27,2018

在本周的《农田》中,we talk to the US Under Secretary of Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs - Ted McKinney - about Ireland's relationship with the US and opportunities for Irish beef exports across the Atlantic.

Following on from last week's storm,Prof.John Sweeney – a climatologist at Maynooth University – is in studio to speak about how extreme weather events are set to become more frequent in the future.

还有这个,爱尔兰牛羊农场主协会(ICSA)秘书长,Eddie Punch,and the CEO of Kilkenny Mart,迈克尔·林奇,这将突显他们目前对牛肉行业的严重担忧,因为农民们正在努力应对进一步的牛肉价格削减。

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Episode 3 - September 13,2018

在本周的节目中,我们采访了欧洲农业和农村发展专员菲尔·霍根,了解如何为粮食供应链中的农民提供更好的机会,and tackling unfair trading practices in retail and processing.

ICSA绵羊委员会主席约翰·布鲁克斯解释了为什么养羊人在标记开斋节的问题上说足够了,and Gurteen College principal Mike Pearson gives the low-down on the new 30-unit milking parlour recently finished by the college.

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Episode 2 - September 6,2018

Coming up on this week's show we have a special interview with former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern,who contends that the game is not lost for Irish farmers on Brexit - as he believes a ‘no-deal' outcome is unlikely.

And while the whiskey and beer market booms worldwide,Bobby Miller - the chairman of the Irish Grain Growers' Group - says Irish malting barley growers are not getting the premium recognition they deserve for producing a quality product.

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First up on the couch for the premiere show we have: the Minister for Agriculture,Food,还有海军陆战队,迈克尔·克里德;MEP and First Vice-President of the European Parliament,Mairead McGuinness;and leading agri-food economist Ciaran Fitzgerald.

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