A top Waterford dairy herd is set to go under Michael Taaffe’s hammer this Saturday, February 26, with over 130 lots on offer.

The herd, which belongs to Anthony Betts from Islandkeane, Fenor (Tramore), Co. Waterford, is one of the top herds in the country.

It is in the top 1% for economic breeding index (EBI), producing over 550kg of milk solids and obtaining 5.2c/L over the co-op average milk price.

Image source: Taaffe Auctions

Waterford dairy herd

Anthony has made the decision to retire from dairy farming, hence the sale.

Anthony featured on season two of ‘George Goes Dairy Farming‘ where he outlined how he had developed the herd during his farming career.

Image source: Taaffe Auctions

Over his 47-year farming career – where 39 of which Anthony solely held the reins – he has developed his herd to have an average EBI of over €196, putting it in the top 1% of herds in the country.

这个数字我€97s attributed to fertility which again, places the herd in the top 2% nationally.

In 2021, the herd averaged over 7,000L/cow at 3.94% protein and 4.69% fat, which meant the herd achieved 5.2c/L over the co-op average.

Also on offer at the sale will be 19 bulling heifers, with an average EBI of €272, with one of these heifer having an EBI value of €318.

There will also be 25 January and February-born heifer calves with an average EBI of €292 for sale, and 10 high-EBI bull calves with EBI values up to €308.

Image source: Taaffe Auctions

Dispersal sale

The sale will be conducted on the farm at Islandkeane, Fenor (Tramore), Co. Waterford by Michael Taaffe from Taaffe Auctions.

The sale of this herd offers farmers an opportunity to buy in some outstanding, high-EBI cows.

For further information regarding the sale contact Michael Taaffe from Taaffe auctions, or Anthony Betts directly.

Image source: Taaffe Auctions