阿德里安·莫里斯(Adrian Morris)is currently milking 50 British Friesian cows on his farm in Co. Cavan. Adrian is the second generation to farm there, with his father’s farm being established in the 1960s.


Two years ago, Adrian began filming videos of his farming life with his wife and five children, and uploading each video onYouTube.

He began his YouTubechannel to give viewers a genuine perspective of how a dairy farm operates in hope to encourage the next generation of farmers.

今天,他的YouTubechannel, IFarm WeFarm, has over 60,000 subscribers.


Typically, forage consists of anything between 40% to 80% of the diet in most dairy and beef production systems.

Adrian aims to make his first cut of silage during the last few days of May and will make his third and final cut at the end of August.

Commenting on unprecedented fertiliser prices and current grass growth, Adrian said: “Considering the price of fertiliser, we want to have a balance of quality and quantity so we’re still aiming to have our first cut done between May 25, and end of May.”


“Our second cut tends to be bales but we have also put it into the pit which depends on what the pit is like and what it’s like in the first cut. If we’re satisfied with the first cut, we will do our second two cuts in round bales,” said Adrian.



Commenting on how he had previously installed the pit, Adrian said: “That worked well, we always had a bit of waste, along the sides and around the front of the pit especially.”

浪费在一个p的平均数量oorly sealed clamp is 8cm on the top and sides, with more than this on the shoulders. This means waste could cost up to €4.80/m2. On a 16m x 50m clamp, this could add up to €3,840 in losses.

相比之下,覆盖相同夹具的visqueen clingseal的成本为215.00欧元,为0.268欧元/m2.



Speaking about how he now covers his silage pit, Adrian said: “First of all, we use covers across the walls and use the Visqueen Clingseal along the top.克林斯足够强大到达,这使得更容易完成坑。




The protection nets keep the silage safe and keep the plastic tight along the sides of the pit and along the joints. The protection nets also protect the pit from birds and pests.

Adrian found that covering the pit was a lot easier after he decided to make the change from covering the plastic with tyres to Rhino sand bags.

He said: “We prefer the sand bags as you need less quantity of them, they’re cleaner, and far easier to work with.”


Adrian has found the combination of Rhino’s protection nets and Visqueen Clingseal clamp sheets to be far more durable and effective than similar products he used in the past.

Farmers and industry experts use Visqueen Clingseal, a flexible vacuum sheet that is used directly beneath traditional, heavier silage sheets.

It is thinner and therefore more flexible, allowing it to cling more closely to the contours of the clamp surface and tuck-in more at the sides. This helpseliminate air pocketsand provides a close fitting barrier to significantly reduce top and shoulder losses from aerobic spoilage.

Speaking about the durability and ease of using Rhino’s protection nets, the dairy farmer said: “We use three sections on our pit and it’s very light-weight, so it’s easy to take off, and it’s reusable for several years as long as it’s looked after.”



As Adrian runs a dairy farm, producing high-quality silage is of highest importance in terms of reducing concentrate costs.




Adrian was extremely pleased with how little waste was produced, saying that: “We had next to zero waste, just a small bit at the very beginning, which was very, very small – maybe two or three barrows worth.


As it provides a better air seal, Visqueen Clingseal also facilitates a faster, moreefficient fermentation process- 提供增强的夹具青贮饲料质量。

lt is also easy to apply, and suitable for a variety of ensiled crops, including grass, maize, wholecrop and other moist feeds.



Feed as a whole represents the largest single cost in these farming systems; reducing losses and maximising silage quality is the priority, and Visqueen Clingseal can do just this.


“Anytime you have good silage it will always save you on concentrate costs,” mentioned Adrian.

Adrian is looking forward to the upcoming silage season and to using Rhino’s products again this year.

“Using the products was a complete success. If anyone wants to check out the entire process, they can watch it on myYouTube,ifarm wefarm,”他总结道。

For more information on Rhino’s products,点击这里.