How many 体育betway客户端tractors have passed or failed roadworthiness tests?

95 ‘fast 体育betway客户端tractors' have undergone roadworthiness testing since the measure was first introduced on May 20,2018.That's according to the RSA (Road Safety Authority).

This figure encompasses 体育betway客户端tractors tested up until the end of April – the most recent point for which data is currently available.

According to the RSA, 35 of these 95 vehicles passed the test. 60 failed and needed to undergo a retest.11 of the vehicles that failed were recorded as having a ‘Fail – Dangerous‘ outcome.

Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Testing (CVRT) was introduced for so-called ‘fast 体育betway客户端tractors' last year.According to the RSA,a ‘fast 体育betway客户端tractor' is defined as a wheeled tractor in category ‘T' with a maximum design speedexceeding 40kph.

如果车主不确定拖拉机的最大设计速度,体育betway客户端the authority advises that contact be made with "the vehicle manufacturer or an authorised Irish 体育betway客户端tractor distributor".

Does your 体育betway客户端tractor need to be tested?

The RSA stipulates that a ‘fast 体育betway客户端tractor' does not have to undergo a commercial vehicle test if it is used:

  • For the purposes of agricultural,horticultural,forestry,farming or fishery activity solely within the state and mainly on the land where such activity takes place,including agricultural roads,forestry roads or agricultural fields;
  • Exclusively on a small island. This exclusion from the requirement for compulsory testing applies to all of the islands off the Irish coast.

To assist 体育betway客户端tractor owners who may be unsure as to whether a tractor is required to undergo a Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test,the RSA has prepared an info-graphic – aJPEGimage of which is shown below:

如果您的电脑上有合适的浏览器(应用程序),tablet or smart-phone,click on thislinkto open up aPDFof the info-graphic.

For 体育betway客户端tractors that do need to be tested,the first test is due when the vehicle is four years old – i.e.from the fourth anniversary of first registration.After that,it must be tested every two years.

The test costs €146.52 (excluding VAT) for a ‘fast 体育betway客户端tractor' with a DGVW (Design Gross Vehicle Weight) exceeding 3,500kg but not exceeding 7,500kg.复验费用为47.26欧元。

For ‘fast' 体育betway客户端tractors with a DGVW exceeding 7,500kg,the test costs ​€171.16 (or ​​€59.08 for a retest).

In any case,given the available exemptions,the test applies only to a relatively small number of 体育betway客户端tractors across the country.